President Trump’s Prime Vulnerability? His Addiction to Chaos


President Donald Trump is not going to make life easy for anyone, not you, not me, not the people who voted for him and not the folks running the Congress. Its not in his nature to make anything easy for anyone.

This is evident in how he is staffing his cabinet.

Donald Trump named Reince Priebus to be his new chief of staff and Steve Bannon, the Trump campaign CEO and executive chairman of Breitbart News, as chief strategist and senior counselor. This should tell us something right away. And the message isn’t that the GOP has become the new Breitbart or that Trump is a masterful tactical guy.

This speaks to Trump’s brutally Darwinian chaos management style. A model for it exists among the communities that work with adult children of alcoholics. It’s pretty simple and it goes like this. Read more


Trump, Political Anger and Our Own Human Decency


Welcome to what will likely be four years of a Trump Presidency. I understand a recount is taking place. I donated to fund it. I realize that efforts are ongoing to shift the votes of electors. Got it. Got all that.

Meanwhile, with each tweet and taunt and daily calamity, Donald Trump threatens to overwhelm us with chaos. I’m seeking some order here. Both in terms of how we view him and in terms of how we, ourselves, might more effectively counter his influence.

I have been thinking a lot about how Donald Trump operates. On how his campaign operated. On how his style of politics informs his administration. On what weaknesses his administration might prove to have. And I have also been thinking about Hillary’s campaign and the choices she made. Read more